Owen: Klopp Not Afraid of Losing Coutinho

Owen: Klopp Not Afraid of Losing Coutinho

Based on the transfer activities conducted by Liverpool, Michael Owen concluded that Jurgen Klopp is not afraid to lose Philippe Coutinho

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Neymar’s departure to PSG, making the name Coutinho championed as one of the successor of the players in Barcelona. Even so, the player is currently bound long-term contract with Liverpool, and it seems to make the Reds are not worried about interest La Blaugrana.

“Usually it’s leaked secrets, a number 10 being bought back, just in case of the possibilities that can happen. But Liverpool at this time seems to focus only on the position of defenders and defensive midfielders. ”

“Liverpool do not need to sell players, and from the votes that come out of the club, they seem to want to strengthen their squad, and increase the number of players in the squad, so they can compete in all levels. This year they seem to want to buy players instead of selling. “

Rangnick: No New Contracts for Keita

Rangnick: No New Contracts for Keita

The RB Leipzig club’s Ralf Rangnick hinted that Naby Keita will not be defending next season.

After his performance with the German club is incredible last season then 22-year-old players continue to be linked to join Liverpool in this summer. But the Reds this season should bite the fingers of the club’s article reluctant to remove it. Nevertheless coach Jurgen Klopp is reported to still be waiting until next season.

That certainty, because the player from Guinea has a class in his contract and although asserted previously will not be released, but Rangnick revealed his new contract in may depend on the final result of the 2017-2018 competition.

“At the moment I do not assume that we will be able to extend the contract prematurely,”

“I can assure you that Naby played with us this season. All other scenarios also depend on how this season, how Naby played alone and so on.

“It does not matter at all whether it’s 75 million Euros or 100 million Euros. Because we have not grown for five years so we can lose one of our best players in our first Champions League first year then it does not make sense. We want to be successful in sports, “Ralf Rangnick told the media.

Rodgers Ready to Add Troops to the Team

Rodgers Ready to Add Troops to the Team

Celtic tactician Brendan Rodgers is reported to have given his team more target for next season.

The Celtic manager said about the target on BBC Scotland media on the occasion after victory in the Scottish Cup final. The victory marks the sixth target of a total of seven targets they must achieve for next season.

“He has targeted a little more than last season’s target,” Brown said when asked how to stay motivated after a season without defeat.

“We get more targets than last season, just look what we can achieve.”

Some of the targets that Celtic has to achieve are improving the quality of teamwork and better ball possession.

“We just have to try to keep the targets we have achieved last season, both in training and matches, and trying to increase the number of shots on target, as well as maintaining the achievements we have achieved last season and then improving them.”…

Albiol: “I’m Not Plotting To Move”

Albiol: “I’m Not Plotting To Move”

Napoli defender Raul Albiol denied Valencia’s statement and insisted it was not planning to move from Napoli Situs Judi.

Prior to Napoli in 2013, the 31-year-old spent 4 seasons at Real Madrid and made 81 appearances and scored 1 goal apiece.

The Spanish defender was linked with his return to his hometown, and Mestalla was a definite destination because he was born and started his career in Valencia.

“I come from there, it’s normal it sounds,” said Albiol.

“Not this year, but I also have not planned in the near future to move. Besides, I love to be here. They really trust me and have renewed my contract. ”

“I do not like to think for 2-3 years ahead. I want to focus for this season. ”

“Scudetto? Topics that people often talk about, but winning the league is a difficult thing. We have a good team, playing very competitively and we want to grow and get 90 points in order to win the championship. “

At Arsenal, Lacazette Feel Many Changes

At Arsenal, Lacazette Feel Many Changes

Alexandre Lacazette felt entering a new world after moving from Olympique Lyon to Arsenal Agen Sbobet.

It has been five-party trial dilakoni Alexandre Lacazette since docked to the Gunners in the summer exchange 2017.

The result, 26-year-old sharp striker was able to score two goals.

Lacazette also felt many changes, including from the style of play.

“Everything has changed,” said 37 goalscorer for Lyon in the 2016-2017 season.

“I feel entering a new world, all different, both in terms of players and staff,” said Lacazette.

Facing the change, Lacazette felt the need to adapt quickly.

“I have to adapt as soon as possible,” said the French national team boss.

Lacazette premier competitive match with Arsenal will take place in the Community Shield counter Chelsea on August 6, 2017

Valverde: Barcelona mengandalkan Neymar

Valverde: Barcelona mengandalkan Neymar

Pelatih Barcelona Ernesto Valverde mengatakan raksasa LaLiga mengandalkan Neymar karena spekulasi tumbuh di masa depannya.

Paris Saint-Germain dilaporkan siap untuk mengaktifkan klausul rilis Neymar € 222million, dengan internasional Brasil diyakini serius mempertimbangkan perpindahan dari Barca.

Neymar bermain dalam kemenangan 3-2 pada Sabtu atas Real Madrid saat Barca merebut Piala Champions Internasional dan Valverde tetap berharap bisa mempertahankan pemain berusia 25 tahun itu.

“Neymar ada di sini, kami memilikinya dan kami pikir dia akan membantu kami musim ini,” kata Valverde kepada wartawan.

“Saya tidak ingin berspekulasi, saya melihat Neymar di tempat yang sama seperti beberapa hari yang lalu.”

Neymar membintangi Miami, membuat gol untuk Ivan Rakitic dan Gerard Pique.

Lionel Messi juga terkesan di Stadion Hard Rock, pemenang Ballon d’Or lima kali membuka skor dalam tiga menit.

Valverde, yang menggantikan Luis Enrique, mengatakan: “Kami menantikan yang terbaik dari Messi dan tim.

“Kami sudah bisa melihat talenta dan level pemain ini dan pemain Madrid, terutama Messi, yang luar biasa.

“Keyakinan yang kita miliki adalah memenangkan semua gelar.”