Rodgers Ready to Add Troops to the Team

Rodgers Ready to Add Troops to the Team

Celtic tactician Brendan Rodgers is reported to have given his team more target for next season.

The Celtic manager said about the target on BBC Scotland media on the occasion after victory in the Scottish Cup final. The victory marks the sixth target of a total of seven targets they must achieve for next season.

“He has targeted a little more than last season’s target,” Brown said when asked how to stay motivated after a season without defeat.

“We get more targets than last season, just look what we can achieve.”

Some of the targets that Celtic has to achieve are improving the quality of teamwork and better ball possession.

“We just have to try to keep the targets we have achieved last season, both in training and matches, and trying to increase the number of shots on target, as well as maintaining the achievements we have achieved last season and then improving them.”…

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